All our travel insurance policies underwritten by Genric Insurance Company Ltd.

Genric Insurance Company Ltd


R1 million – R100 million
Cover for sudden, unforeseen and unexpected events that results in injury whilst travelling abroad from South Africa.


R300,000 – R5 million
Covers the costs incurred for which you are legally liable if, due to your negligence, you cause a loss or damage to property.


R10,000 – R30,000
Cover in the event that your journey is cancelled and you do not travel at all due to the rejection of your visa application.


R50,000 –  R500,000
Cover if you suffer accidental bodily injury during the trip, which causes death we will pay up to the liability in your cover to your beneficiary.


R10,000 to R25,000
Cover if your trip is cancelled due to the financial insolvency or liquidation of the supplier with which you booked & purchased your trip.


R10,000 – R50,000
Cover for financial loss you suffer when you do not use pre-paid travel and accommodation because you are unable to travel at all.

Our travel insurance products

Worldwide Cover

Our Worldwide travel insurance policy is suitable for worldwide travel including USA & Canada. Cover includes extra benefits like travel insolvency cover and car hire excess as well as cover due to travel visas being declined.

Africa Asia Middle East Travel Insurance Cover

Africa Asia & Middle East Cover

If you require travel insurance and are only travelling to Africa, countries in and around the Indian Ocean, or in the Middle and Far East then the ‘Africa & Asia’ travel policy is a cost effective policy to take out.

Schengen Cover

Our Schengen Cover travel insurance level of medical cover together with the cover for any pre-existing conditions satisfies the requirement for a Schengen visa. The 1 page visa letter is included with your policy documents.

Business Travel Insurance

Business Cover

We offer business travel insurance which offers comprehensive travel insurance cover of up to R100 million in emergency medical assistance for the business traveller travelling overseas, on regular trips or the unexpected business journey.

Senior Cover

If you are looking for senior travel insurance then Quick Travel Insurance has a fantastic policy especially tailored for those between the ages of 71 and 80 years (inclusive). This policy includes R5 million of emergency medical cover.

Student travel insurance

Student Cover

This travel insurance is specifically designed for young people travelling on a budget. Student travel insurance designed for students enrolled at an institution abroad for tertiary studies or travellers working on a casual basis.

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