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Most embassies now insist you take out a travel insurance product before you apply for a travel visa. Purchasing adequate travel insurance is one of the requirements of the Schengen visa. The Schengen visa is a visa which allows the holder entry to any of the 26 Schengen countries.

The following are the requirements for Schengen travel insurance: – The travel insurance should include medical evacuation / repatriation coverage of at least EURO 30,000. The insurance company must have a representative office in Europe and the insurance must be valid for duration of stay in the Schengen states.

Our ‘Schengen  Cover’ travel insurance level of medical cover together with the cover for any pre-existing conditions satisfies the requirement for a Schengen visa. In addition the embassies require a letter from the travel insurance company.

Travellers up to the age of 70 years are covered.
Maximum duration 180 days.

Please note: This product is only suitable if you are visiting the Schengen zone only, if you are travelling to another country outside the Schengen zone then this is NOT suitable. If you are travelling via a country outside the Schengen zone and will not be leaving the airport terminal then this policy is suitable.

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The main benefits

  • R5 million
  • R0
  • R10,000
  • R0

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