Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to ensure that you obtain the correct travel insurance for your needs. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions which should help you ensure you obtain the correct policy. For advise on which policy would suit your needs please contact 010 211 4858.

It is advised to download the product Schedule of Benefits and T&CS document to review before purchase.

Travel insurance covers you for things that may go wrong on your holiday or business trip. These can range from small things such as if your luggage gets delayed, lost or stolen to medical emergencies such as if you require hospital treatment or repatriation.

It can be extremely expensive for medical treatment abroad and with the South African Rand being as it is it will could cost you hundreds of thousands of Rands if something goes wrong whilst abroad.

Quick Travel Insurance offers a variety of policies. Our policies fall into 2 categories – business and leisure. Our leisure policies range from worldwide, Africa & Asia, Schengen, Student to Senior cover. We also offer cover for corporate and business travel.

We also work closely with other South African travel insurance providers. Please email us should you require more options.

The Schengen Cover product only covers travel to the Schengen zone.

The Africa, Asia, Indian Ocean and Middle East product only covers travel to countries within these territories.

The Worldwide Cover, Business Cover, Student Cover and Senior Cover policies covers all countries.

Please click here to obtain a quote online. Our system will display the list of available policies based on countries selected.

You are not covered if you travel in regions or countries where the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued a travel warning. Click here to check regions that have travel warnings.

Crew member of a ship, working on off-shore drilling rigs, undertaking non-casual employment abroad on a permanent or contract basis, big gaming hunting, deep sea fishing, hang gliding, ice climbing, rock climbing, running of the bulls, skydiving, shark cage diving, zorbing. Please note this list is not exhaustive.

See policy wording for full list.

Whilst our policies include cover of electronic equipment of up to R5,000 this is likely not be enough to cover expensive camera gear or electronics. We suggest to our clients that they ask their household contents insurance provider to add on these goods to their policy for the duration of their trip.

If you looking to cover ipads, iphones and expensive gear then it may be worthwhile looking at a World Nomads policy. You can add up to 10 specified items to a maximum of USD $2,000. Single item has a limit of USD $1,000.

Yes, the following policies adhere to the Schengen travel insurance requirements:  Worldwide; Business, Senior, Schengen and Student.

These policies comply with the following: Cover at least medical evacuation / repatriation coverage of at least EURO 30,000.  (Approx R500,000).   The travel insurance company must have a representative office in Europe and the insurance must be valid for duration of stay in the Schengen states.

A one page Schengen visa confirmation letter will be emailed along with your travel insurance policy.

Traditionally, South Africans have been doing this for years. You most likely will pay more if you buy from your travel agent. If you add a travel insurance product to your online basket when you buying your flight you most likely won’t have time to read the fine print for that particular product and may end up with an inferior policy.

The ‘free’ travel insurance offered with your credit card or medical aid often offers the most basic level of cover. Medical emergency cover often ranges from R1 – R5 million. Would this be enough to cover you if you had a serious accident or illness abroad?

Other travel insurance benefits are not included such as lost/stolen luggage, travel delays, denied visa and trip cancellation.

Unfortunately you can not buy our travel insurance policy if you have already departed from South Africa. We suggest you visit World Nomads which will be able to offer cover even if you have already departed for your destination.

You will receive your policy by email at the address that you give us. You are covered instantly.

Our travel insurance policies are underwritten by Genric Insurance Company Ltd.

No. In order to be covered you need to take out a policy for the full duration from the day you depart South Africa to the day you land back in South Africa.

We do work with another provider that will cover for part of the trip. Please complete the contact form and we will provide a quote.

Different products offer a different maximum number of days. Africa & Asia, Business, Schengen & Worldwide products have a maximum duration of 180 days. Senior policies can only be bought up to 92 days, maximum. Student Cover can be taken out for up to 365 days.

Should you require longer duration please email us, we might have an alternative provider.

No. You can not select the benefits you require. The policy will need to be purchased at the full premium quoted.

Our outgoing travel insurance policies are only for legal residents of South Africa. Foreign passport holders or temporary residents please call us to ascertain whether our policies will be suitable for your needs.

Our Inbound Cover travel insurance is available to non-RSA citizens only. It is not suitable for South Africans with dual nationality living abroad returning to South Africa for short trips.

Yes, it is possible to purchase our policies if you intend to emigrate. The maximum duration is 31 days. Please calculate 31 days from your departure date and use that as a return date when applying online.

The quickest and easiest way to pay for your travel insurance policy is to pay with your credit card. Once you have paid online you will receive your policy documents via email immediately. Please check your spam or junk folder.

Payment can also be made by EFT or bank deposit. To pay by EFT or bank deposit please obtain a full online quote first. Please then call our call centre on 010 211 4858.

Don’t worry if you have purchased the policy you are covered.
Call 010 211 4858 and they will resend the policy for you.

For emergency assistance please contact Africa Assist / International Medical Rescue immediately on +27 (0) 10 211 6981 (option 2) and quote your policy number. You can also email
For claims please call +27 (0) 10 211 6981 (option 1). Claim forms can be submitted to

Our policies have a 14 day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase provided your journey has not yet started, no visa has been obtained using this policy and no claims have been submitted; or this policy may be cancelled if the insured journey is cancelled and no claims have been submitted; or
this policy may be cancelled if no visa is obtained, no claims have been submitted, but the policy is no longer required.

The policy cannot be cancelled if a visa application was approved based on the travel insurance policy and the journey has not been cancelled.
The policy cannot be cancelled once an Insured Journey has started, or after the expiry date of the Insured Journey.

Please call 010 211 4858 to cancel your policy.


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