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Check travel insurance exclusions before you travel

After reading about the importance of travel insurance, Sam made sure that he bought travel insurance cover after having paid for flights and accommodation for his trip to Costa Rica.


Wanting to instil a sense of adventure into his trip, and try something new, Sam opted to try a white-water rafting excursion. Not having any rafting experience, he was assured that the rapids were suitable for a beginner and there was some training provided on what he should do as well as use on the safety equipment. Besides he knew he had medical cover on his travel insurance policy.

Unfortunately for Sam his first white water rafting adventure did not go as smoothly as planned and he had to seek medical attention for an injury sustained while on the river.

Prior to his journey Sam had done all the right things, except his crucial mistake of not checking out the exclusions listed in his travel insurance policy which meant that his medical expenses claim was rendered invalid. He had to bear the expense of medical treatment out of his own pocket. Most standard travel insurance policies exclude high risk adventure activities and white water rafting is considered an extreme adventure activity and not covered under the benefits.

Having travel insurance cover is not enough. Travellers need to be aware of what travel insurance providers will pay for, and what exclusions are attached to specific sections of cover. It is important to read the policy coverage details carefully as the benefits and exclusions of travel insurance policies available differ from each other.

4 Reasons why it is important to check travel insurance exclusions

  1. The risk of claims being rejected.

The most important reason is that should your claim relate to any exclusion in your schedule of benefits, this may mean your travel insurance provider will not pay out for that claim.

  1. Get top up cover if you need it.

Knowing what the exclusions are gives you the choice of seeking, where applicable, top up cover to ensure you are adequately covered for your needs. For example, being aware that pre-existing medical conditions are excluded from standard leisure travel insurance policies, travellers can amend the policy by topping up the cover to include their pre-existing condition if possible.

Top up cover or opting for a more comprehensive policy is also available for adventure sports activities. If you know what your itinerary is and what activities are planned, you can check for this in your policy document and make provision for extra cover if required.

  1. Not all policies have the same benefits.

If you have changed travel insurance providers it is still in your own interest to check your new policy document as policy benefits, levels of cover and exclusions vary from company to company.

  1. Be informed.

If there is anything in your schedule of benefits that you do not understand, you have enough time to ask your travel insurance company for clarification. This is especially important when it comes to exclusions.

The top tip to gain maximum benefit from your travel insurance policy is to check all exclusions. If you find the standard cover inadequate, you can opt for extra cover to ensure that should you make a claim, there is the least likely chance it will be rejected by your broker.

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