medical costs abroad

Eye watering overseas medical costs without travel insurance

Your long-awaited holiday overseas should not be remembered for all the wrong reasons, like falling ill or having an accident that necessitates you requiring medical treatment. The stress of facing exorbitant medical bills and not having the funds to pay for them will certainly turn any dream holiday into a nightmare.

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travel insurance sa

Check travel insurance exclusions before you travel

After reading about the importance of travel insurance, Sam made sure that he bought travel insurance cover after having paid for flights and accommodation for his trip to Costa Rica.

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Bizarre travel insurance claims

21 Bizarre travel insurance claims

Travel insurance may protect travellers from unplanned and unexpected situations, but not all claims are limited to normal eventualities. Through the years travel insurance providers across the globe have had to deal with peculiar claims from hapless victims whilst on holiday.

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travel insurance mistakes

7 Mistakes South Africans make when buying travel insurance

There may be a quite a few travel insurance policies in the market and finding the right one requires shopping around. What is also required to avoid costly mistakes is to make a few wise choices when selecting appropriate cover.

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Backpacking mistakes

The worst mistakes backpackers make

By nature backpacking is a carefree and leisurely way to see the wider world. But this does not need mean that there are certain mistakes you should avoid to make the most of your trip abroad. Apart from over packing and travelling with the wrong partner, here are 5 of the most common to avoid:

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Checked Lugage

7 items not to pack into your checked luggage

When packing luggage for a trip it is useful to remember that bags can get lost or damaged as its being loaded onto the aircraft or delayed en-route. Even though there is travel insurance products to cover for these travel inconveniences it is good to bear this in mind when packing your bags.

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