senior travel insurance

Over 50s travel insurance

Travellers over the age of 50 can take comfort in the fact that they can be adequately covered according to their needs by travel insurance for over 50s. Quick Travel Insurance is a specialist travel insurance introducer that offers tailor-made policies for travellers between the ages of 18 and 69 as well as 70 and 80 years (inclusive).

senior travel insurance

A travel insurance policy for over 50s can include benefits such as R10 000 000 of emergency medical cover as well cover for ailments such as pain-stilling dental treatment, optical expenses and a 24 hour nursing assistance helpline. The expense of an emergency visit by one of your family should there be a problem is also covered.

Why travel insurance cover for over 50s is important

Standard insurance cover for over 50s include covering you against the loss of baggage, emergency medication and assistance, emergency cash, trip cancellation due to terrorist concerns as well as replacing lost or stolen passports and 24-hour emergency service and assistance.

Travellers over the age of 50 are also more likely to suffer from illnesses and disease which makes travel insurance for over 50s with medical conditions very necessary. The cost of medical treatment abroad is very expensive and should you fall ill whilst travelling, you would not want to pay those costs yourself.

Any pre-existing medical condition needs to declared to your insurer broker on taking out travel insurance with pre-existing medical condition. Not doing so may invalidate your claim should you make one.

Benefits of travel insurance for over 50s

A new benefit has been added to the special travel insurance for over 50s: Cancellation due to travel visa being declined up to R15 000.
Other key benefits include:

[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] R10 000 000 in emergency medical assistance
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] R2 000 000 for personal liability cover
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] R15 000 for travel supplier insolvency cover
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] Cancellation due to travel visa being declined up to R15 000
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] The expense of an emergency visit by one of your family should there be a problem
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] Compensation for missed connections and flight cancellations
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] Covered for luggage delays
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] Access to a 24 hour helpline

The maximum duration of our senior travel insurance policy for over 50s is 92 days. Other policies have a 365 maximum limit.
Avoid making the common mistake of buying travel insurance cover based on the premium price alone. The consequences of not factoring in the excess fee payable or not being adequately covered for your needs can leave a serious hole in your pocket. Travellers, especially those over the age of 50, should opt for special tailor-made policies such as travel insurance for over 50s with medical conditions cover. Specialist insurance brokers such as Quick Travel Insurance can provide adequate comprehensive travel insurance that looks at cover for the exact needs of the older traveller.

Tips to buying travel insurance for over 50s

Many factors promote travellers choosing to travel later in life. These include older travellers having more time and being retired can travel for longer periods, or having saved enough money to fulfil a lifelong dream of visiting an idyllic holiday destination.

Older travellers making more than two trips abroad a year can opt for a multi-trip policy which is usually more cost effective than single trip policies.

Importance of knowing your travel insurance policy

While it may be a least-favoured task always read the small print of your schedule of benefits as laid out in your policy. This ensures that you know exactly what you are covered for and can make a valid claim or other arrangements accordingly. Being insured is one thing, knowing how to use your policy effectively makes all the difference.

The small print details what you need to do in order for your claim to be processed. Not following procedure may mean your claim cannot be processed and you lose out. Examples of such processes include contacting your insurance company before receiving any medical treatment or operations being performed; or submitting a valid police report within 24 hours of having something stolen. Failure to follow steps and procedures when making a claim as outlined in your policy may result in your claim being inadmissible.

Always have the emergency number given out by your travel insurance company close at hand whilst travelling.
Keep all receipts and reports that will support your claim. Having all documentation in order will mean your claim can be processed as quickly as possible.

Travel insurance need not be an expensive travel commodity. By comparing insurance premium quotes and corresponding schedule of benefits, you can easily and quickly find a travel insurance for over 50s policy that suits your needs.

Being a specialist insurance introducer, Quick Travel Insurance can provide you with comprehensive cover that addresses all of your needs whilst travelling abroad. Opt for the best protection when travelling overseas, contact us for best advice and most comprehensive travel insurance policy for over 50s cover that addresses your needs.