car rental excess insurance

Should I buy rental car insurance

Buying rental car insurance is a rational decision; one which brings peace of mind should you happen to experience the unfortunate while on the road. Travelling on roads, whether at home or abroad, are not without risks. These are not limited to car collisions on the road, but can also include car theft and vandalism.

car rental excess insurance

Rental car insurance is a specialist travel insurance product that is specifically formulated to granting you financial protection that is not guaranteed by any other type of insurance, or extends the limited benefits of your car insurance policy and insurance cover granted by your credit card company while you are travelling.

Buying extra travel protection makes common sense when you factor in unforeseen events and the high cost of replacing or damages to a car can incur. Should I buy rental car insurance is a question that needs an answer in the affirmative if you don’t have the funds to cover punishing costs resulting from an accident for which you were at fault.

Factors to consider when buying rental car insurance

It is in your own best interest to question all of your options exhaustively. Many a time car insurance policies and credit card coverage can leave you exposed and vulnerable.

Relying on your standard car insurance policy can cost you more in the long run should you happen to be involved in a car collision in your rental car. You can expect a dramatic increase in your car insurance premiums should you make a claim. This can be prevented if you opt for rental car insurance.
Will you be the sole driver of the rental car or will you be sharing the driving duties? If the other driver or drivers are not listed under your car insurance, and you opt to decline car rental insurance, you will be liable for whatever costs are incurred.
Additional fees such as ‘loss of use’ are not provided for under your normal car insurance cover or credit card cover (unless the entire rental car use is paid for by the credit card).

What can you expect from rental car insurance

Rental car insurance cover is available on the following travel insurance products from Regent Travel Insurance: Luxury Leisure Cover and Business Complete Cover.

The policies extend to include rental car insurance that has the following conditions attached:

[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] You are in possession of a valid driver’s license,
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] You will be driving the rental car (if you are sharing the driving duties, the other driver(s) should be adequately insured legal drivers,
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] You will be responsible for paying an excess fee,
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] The incident occurs during your insured journey,
[icon icon=”asterisk” color=”theme”] Your at-fault claim is covered for under your car rental policy.

Your travel insurance provider will pay up to the limit of liability as set out in your schedule of benefits.

Rental car insurance is essential if you are planning international travel and will be driving in foreign countries. Incidents do not relate to car collisions only. Car theft is also an occurrence which can leave travellers anxiety-ridden if not adequately covered by comprehensive car rental insurance.

To set up a travel insurance policy which includes car rental excess cover call Quick Travel Insurance on 087 550 4824.